CCG Mining promo code in August 2018

Ccgmining promo codes in August 2018 allow you getting perfect discounts on buying various hashrates. You can use all available promo codes for purchasing hashrates on BTC, LTC, dash, ethereum, Zcash, and other digital currencies. All offered codes are valid and entirely legit. Each promo code goes with the certain percentage of discount.

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How to use Ccgmining promo code in August 2018?

Below you will find the step-by-step algorithm on how to use Ccgmining promo codes in August 2018 properly. It is very easy to use it. Keep on reading to know the details.

  1. If you are a new client, please go to and fill in all the necessary info (it usually takes 1-2 minutes);
  2. Verify your registration by a link sent to your email;
  3. Go to “Buy more hashrate” section and choose “My cart” option;
  4. In the “Apply promo code” section, please, enter your valid promo code;
  5. Press “Validate code” button;
  6. Get you discount of buying a hashrate.

Ccgmining service description

CCG Mining service for cryptocurrency mining was officially launched at the beginning of 2016. The company has offices in such countries as Latvia, Great Britain, Poland, Russia, Czech Republic, and Austria. CCG Mining primary aims to create the uppermost computing hashing power on the globe. They strive to provide only professional services to all clients and continuously do their best to attain the maximum satisfaction of each client.

Presently, almost 50 business clients and more than 640 private clients use CCG Mining`s solutions which are based on blockchain technologies. The platform allows everyone mining such digital currencies as bitcoin, litecoin, dash, ethereum, Zcash, LBRY, and monero. You can mine all coins simultaneously. “Profit calculator” section of the website allows counting your expected income depending on the chosen type of the hashrate.

Due to the professional, experienced, and highly-qualified team, CCG Mining effectively deals with the changing global market and adapts exclusive technologies to the current clients` expectations and needs. The cloud mining platform offers reasonable prices for their services and guarantees the total security of their clients` personal and financial information (the newest SSL encryption).


Discounts are always a great pleasure. So, use Ccgmining promo codes in August 2018 to get the certain discount percentage on purchasing various hashrates. Do not miss the chance to start mining with the incredible price cut.